Lab Rat

Man has a need to help others. It’s something within all of us. Many time people don’t wish to recieve that help, but we deal with it. We make our own way of helping people. We donate to charities, we volunteer our time. We open a door for someone (though people don’t do that for me, I do for them). Maybe we are just being polite, or are we trying to seek attention. I know there are psycho-babble explanations, but damn it, it’s just the same as what I’m saying and what everyone thinks. I just wonder why it is that people are scared to seek or recieve help if it is offered. Maybe people feel others are incompetent. I am not sure. Well, I’m not incompetent. I’m not stupid. Sometimes people may make a person feel like that, even if they don’t mean to. That’s what sucks. Sometimes it’s hard for people to remember that they are talking to someone a little smarter than the last person they were talking to. Life is full of these little circumstances, but you know what? These little circumstances suck and can be painful if continued!

I wonder sometimes, what my life is all about. Am I really just an experiment in someones little lab, or am I a part of a play, and I just don’t know it. What’s life? A process of death. There you have it, the answer to the meaning of life. And it’s purpose, to die! Once you are born you begin to die. I don’t know if many people have realized that, but it’s true. I’ve known this for quite a long time, since childhood. It may seem like I am not exactly optimistic, but that’s not all the time! It’s just an understood part of life, that you will die, at least physcially. I’m not into cryogenics (forgive me for the spelling errors, it’s 2am and I don’t know where my mind is) so it seems highly likely that I will die oneday! It may be soon, it may be late, but hey, it’s going to be one day. Until then, I need to live my life how I want to, but not so much that I will leave a little sooner.