Stare Down

Now, I’ve been walking for my entire life, minus about 1 year. Sometimes I hate walking, long distances that is! So many people are so rude and careless when they drive. It annoys me! I was walking up to bring Josh some food at work and well, there are some piss asses around in the world! Arrgggghh! People stare so much! That’s something I have discovered living here. People stare way more than people down in the southeastern part of the country! I guess that’s because there was a chance that you would get hurt. Start a war or something, well that was in the old days. Now, you may start another kind of war!

Life is like a box of chocolates, you always get the crappy ones first. I think it’s very true. People say you learn from your mistakes, right? Well, those are the crappy ones! See, my logic is so simple but yet so complex. Kind of goes with my rate and way of thinking. No one has ever thought I was an airhead, but rather that I was really weird! I don’t think I am weird. I am me, no one else. I don’t pretend to be anyone(except when I was little and went out for Halloween), I just want to be me and accepted for myself. I think that in the long run, that’s what people want. Of course in the mean time people are just trying to be like others to fit in. Oh no, here comes some of that funky thinking. I won’t do that. No, I wouldn’t subject you to something like that!