Getting Furniture

Today I am sitting here. I need to do somethings, but I don’t know if I can. I am not sure whether I have to sit here and wait for the people to bring the rest of the futon. Oh, waiting, it’s a terrible thing. Actually, it tends to get boring sometimes. I’ve mucked around with backgrounds and all, creating new webpages and such. Things are going alright. I’ve been using Josh’s computer to do some, because it’s faster. Do you ever get that feeling that you can float your thoughts? I’ve been doing that lately, and it’s kind o spooky. I don’t like invading people’s heads, it just happens. At least I don’t give them evil thoughts, I give them nice pleasant thoughts!

Furniture, oh miracles can happen! We are getting this place in order and it will be nice! I think I may be going rafting. I’m not quite sure. It was a blur. I hope I don’t die!!

I was just thinking of something. Why I don’t like frames on web pages. It’s because, say you like something on a webpage, well, you can’t print it and read it better later. I don’t have an avid despise of them, but I just don’t really like them! Well, I think I will go on doing some other things and maybe go and get stuff done! It’s supposed to rain tomorrow, so that gets things out of the way!

I’m back from VA. Ok trip, under the circumstances. I’m fine, tired a little. Things here are well. Get lots of letters from Jason in Valdosta. Aww. Someone still writes me! Mike is in Europe somewhere and of course Eric is still at Hampshire, but roving around. Josh is being his usual wonderful self. Sporting a nice shirt today and looking mighty wonderful! Just wonderful! Hmm. Well, that’s all for now! Give me a buzz if you want!