New Keyboard

I am still here, alive and well. Just thinking. Josh is vamping his computer and I am writing my web page. Forrest Gump is on tv and we aren’t watching it. My good old Bessie got a slight overhaul, no, just a minor surgery to jumpstart her organs into better shape. Courtesy of Josh of course. But ooh, I got to take the case off!! 🙂 I bought a gargoyle for my computer. He’s rather naughty looking. I wish that there were bigger ones… but the guy just started selling them. This ones name is Morven. He has a big brother, but I didn’t get him. Maybe another day. Hmm, Josh is setting here. Go Eraser, Go Eraser goooo… A little bit of B&B Virtual Stupidity ? humor.

Sometimes I feel I’ve got to….. get used to this new keyboard…. I’ve got to…. practice pressing down harder… I got a new keyboard, Josh didn’t like the fact that my space bar was really sensitive. It just had tender feelings, if you pressed it the wrong way, it didn’t like it and got upset! That’s all! Just a few extra spaces that you didn’t want!!