The Move

I have moved and I am living with Joshua the Great! What a roomie! He doesn’t complain, nor yell about things. Pheeeew.

I can honestly say that I miss some people back in Valdosta. I miss eating dinner with Jason, Russel sometimes and with Dave sometimes. I guess I could say I miss them more than I miss my old friends back in Orlando. That is probably because they keep in touch with me more than my Orlando friends do.

I went shopping. I bought a lovely new Gothic/Industrial/Alternative cd.I don’t know who would be alternative on it, but that’s what it says! It’s pretty good. I really think I should have bought the Industrial Revolution 3rd edition, but I didn’t. I also bought about 17 Winnie the Pooh? postcards. I want to frame them and put the up. That’s what we did with the Beavis and Butthead? ones we got! It looks rather nice in the frame, if I do say so myself. I also got some Felix the cat and various other little ones. Totaling 27 postcards. Not bad if I do say so myself! Next is to buy a new printer, seeing as how I left my old one at my parents in FL…. it’s ok, I’m doing alright without it. I would like to get a new one though!! Sometime soon! Then I have to buy a bike and some other stuff. I got myself a Tigger watch. I think Josh just wanted me to get it because it was green. That boy loves green. For me, if they would have had the Classic Pooh? watch in something other than childrens plastic, I would have bought it. I guess I am writing about my shopping, just because I would have told Jason and all about them at dinner… or rather, they normally would have been with me when I bought them!

I miss my other friends and I do miss my family. I miss My niece a lot for some reason. We have some of her artwork on the fridge. A letter she wrote to Josh and a letter she wrote to a cat! How cute! She’s three and already a little drama queen. I guess she gets that from me. I used to act out songs and movies with her when I still lived in Orlando. I guess I did make an impression on the little lady!!

Alright, I guess now you have noticed that I do babble, see, I told you so. Ron used to complain about that. He’s a friend from Valdosta. Memories! Actually, he was pretty cool towards me. One of the first people in Valdosta who actually knew (or so I figure) who KMFDM and PIGFACE were.