Even with the nieces and nephews, I still find things I say to my kid that I never thought I would say. Like the invention of the potty wash. That’s where the training potty goes when we hide it from him. He’s perfectly comfortable going on a regular toilet but prefers to go on his training potty due to its height. We are nearing the end of use but I don’t think he’s ready for them to go.

Well, that’s funny. I do this whole internet thing for a living but can’t manage my own home on it. Go figure.

Things that have happened. Kiddo has grown. A lot. He started to show a need to be around more kids so in September he started preschool and I went back to work! He’s thriving and loving it there. I was offered an awesome opportunity to work full time with the organization I had been contracting with. I already knew the team and hit the ground running while there. The thing I love best though is that kiddo’s school is a whopping .9 miles away from my office.


Last week I anxiously awaited word that the IRS had received my payment. It hit me then that I was truly an adult. Not owning a home and paying a mortgage. Not having a child. Not voting. But rather, waiting for the federal government to take a crap load of my money. That’s what signified adulthood to me. 

I’ve been a busy little bee. Both with work and home. I’m still freelancing or contracting or whatever you want to call it, it’s all the same in the end. Things were supposed to slow down for a bit but the only break I managed to get was when I got a serious case of the flu and was out for two weeks. Of course I wasn’t off the hook being a mom, but I won’t ever be. I digress. I managed to take on some extra work to help someone out. I have to stop doing that. I’m going to run myself ragged!

I’ve been working with the kiddo and a while back I found I like a lot of the Montessori approaches to things. I’ve been using it as a basis for teaching the little man. I’m not limiting him to what he learns on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Right now we’re on a science kick and I’m teaching him about space. He’s got three planets down. We’re keeping Pluto on the list. It’s status as a “dwarf” planet will give me something to discuss with him when he gets older. Plus he sounds really cute when he tries to say it and ends up with puttle.

Since my last post I have realized how much I despise hospital’s billing departments. Their impatience ended up costing my mom money she doesn’t really have and of course there is no recourse for her to recoup said money!

Eff corporations!

So I was given a Jingle VoxBox to review by Influenster. Some of the things I made the “kids” my testers, others, I may have devoured immediately. Like the Biscoff cookies. I’m sorry but I didn’t share a single one (there were three packs). They are the best tea biscuits ever! If you’ve never had one, shame! You really should try one.

Then yesterday I attempted to make something I normally wouldn’t have. I made… Totchos. Why was this never explained to me? Totchos are Tater tot Nachos. It’s grown up tater tot fun! I have a kid, so maybe I should eat more tater tots? I received a coupon in the VoxBox to try Ore-ida Tater Tots and figured I would save it for the (not so) Super Bowl. I only used a portion of the bag, so I’m going to try their “Veggie Totchos” next. Maybe this will help the kiddo actually eat veggies. He’s at that age where it is a struggle, so I’m getting desperate. 

Note: This is a “sponsored” blog post. I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

I will soon begin a new consulting project. I dare to say it is bigger than any other project that I have ever done. This time I am the one project managing it. I’m a little excited and nervous. It’s a huge project. It is more than twice the size of my largest (which was considered huge already) ever project and there were essentially three project managers for it. Hakuna Matata.

I’ve been seeking recommendations for Project Management Software or Sites. I have one that I use but it’s a little pricey for the scale of this project. So, I am looking for alternatives. So far I have gotten a few that are useable and some that are more like task management and time tracking apps on steroids. In no particular order but slightly organized by category, here are some of the ones suggested so far:

Project Management


Time Management and Trackers

I haven’t reviewed all of them but so far I have found a couple that may work. I just need to look at the budget.

I like background noise while I work, so I switched on the TV app on my ipad and turned on White House Down. I figured I wouldn’t be interested in it. While I’m not actually interested in it, I can’t stop turning to look at the screen because what I am hearing is so bad.

This has to be one of those movies that Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx don’t like talking about.

This is a long overdue rant that I just need to write out.

Not only do I care for my child every day, all day where most people pay someone else to do it for at least eight hours of the day, I also work between 20 and 40 hours a week. Let’s add on to this that I have a husband that I do like and enjoy spending time with. And then let’s add on that my father passed away less than three weeks ago. On top of dealing with the emotions that come from losing him, I am working on the financial and legal affairs associated with his death.

So please, tell me again how easy things must be for me because I am “home with the baby.” I’m sure you have a fucking clue.

My father passed away recently. The first few days were difficult, but I knew I had to buck up and get things moving for my mom’s sake. We are still going through his things and having to sort paperwork for their business.

I took today off from doing anything other than vegging with my little guy. I definitely needed it!

I recently joined Influenster and oddly enough, I had a bottle of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise sent to me to try out. We normally don’t go through enough mayo or spread of any kind to make us go through an entire jar before the expiration date. Of course that was before the kiddo.

IMG_9850When we first started feeding him solid foods, we noticed that he would develop a rash on some occasions. There wasn’t ever a rhyme or reason to it either. Then we started making foods for him using the Hellman’s mayonnaise bottle I received.

We made egg salad, cheese sandwich roll-ups (pictured to the right) and various other items. That mayonnaise became the control in my little experiments. It was one of the things that would keep him eating what was on his plate.

Well, eventually with the help of that awesome squeeze bottle (seriously, no more messy butter knives) of Hellmann’s, we have discovered that there is a 99% chance that he has a yeast allergy!  He has a doctor appointment next week, so cross your fingers and expect to see yeast free recipes here soon.

Hellmann’s totally wins props for tagging their social media campaign, #SqueezeMoreOut! I really do like the no mess bottle, especially now when kiddo is clinging to my leg acting like he has never eaten before. I haven’t reached the bottom of the bottle yet but so far it’s been nice to not deal with a mess. I wonder if the bottles will transfer over well to the other condiments. I can’t stand when they splatter on my food or worse, me.

Note: This is a sponsored blog post. I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.