I like background noise while I work, so I switched on the TV app on my ipad and turned on White House Down. I figured I wouldn’t be interested in it. While I’m not actually interested in it, I can’t stop turning to look at the screen because what I am hearing is so bad.

This has to be one of those movies that Channing Tatum and Jamie Foxx don’t like talking about.

This is a long overdue rant that I just need to write out.

Not only do I care for my child every day, all day where most people pay someone else to do it for at least eight hours of the day, I also work between 20 and 40 hours a week. Let’s add on to this that I have a husband that I do like and enjoy spending time with. And then let’s add on that my father passed away less than three weeks ago. On top of dealing with the emotions that come from losing him, I am working on the financial and legal affairs associated with his death.

So please, tell me again how easy things must be for me because I am “home with the baby.” I’m sure you have a fucking clue.

My father passed away recently. The first few days were difficult, but I knew I had to buck up and get things moving for my mom’s sake. We are still going through his things and having to sort paperwork for their business.

I took today off from doing anything other than vegging with my little guy. I definitely needed it!

I recently joined Influenster and oddly enough, I had a bottle of Hellmann’s Mayonnaise sent to me to try out. We normally don’t go through enough mayo or spread of any kind to make us go through an entire jar before the expiration date. Of course that was before the kiddo.

IMG_9850When we first started feeding him solid foods, we noticed that he would develop a rash on some occasions. There wasn’t ever a rhyme or reason to it either. Then we started making foods for him using the Hellman’s mayonnaise bottle I received.

We made egg salad, cheese sandwich roll-ups (pictured to the right) and various other items. That mayonnaise became the control in my little experiments. It was one of the things that would keep him eating what was on his plate.

Well, eventually with the help of that awesome squeeze bottle (seriously, no more messy butter knives) of Hellmann’s, we have discovered that there is a 99% chance that he has a yeast allergy!  He has a doctor appointment next week, so cross your fingers and expect to see yeast free recipes here soon.

Hellmann’s totally wins props for tagging their social media campaign, #SqueezeMoreOut! I really do like the no mess bottle, especially now when kiddo is clinging to my leg acting like he has never eaten before. I haven’t reached the bottom of the bottle yet but so far it’s been nice to not deal with a mess. I wonder if the bottles will transfer over well to the other condiments. I can’t stand when they splatter on my food or worse, me.

Note: This is a sponsored blog post. I received this product complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

i have started experimenting with the various social media sites. I noticed the only real reach I had on Facebook was when I posted pics of my son or my cats. On Twitter, it is my random nonsense that gets the most interest.

So, I have decided to try posting only links to Facebook, most of them political/social in nature. Twitter gets retweets and a few random thoughts. Instagram is getting food pics.

In the past three days I have had one single comment on Facebook. That’s okay though. I also removed the Facebook app from my phone. That has made the experiment easier. I keep Twitter because I get news and traffic through there. 

I am giving myself a week but may increase it if I see interesting results.

Well, it appears I’m just no good at this anymore. I’m posting once every six months it feels like. I blame facebook for this. I tend to post my random thoughts there. I’m trying to not do it as much, but sometimes it’s easier to understand the context if we’re friends.

Things are going well on the not working anymore front. I’ve got enough freelance to keep me busy and current while still being able to stay home with the little man.

Speaking of my little man. He is one now. He’s walking and talking and climbing all over the place. We used to be able to confine him to the living room area but once he figured out how to climb over the couch, we figured confinement was a moot point. Now we just try to keep him out of the toilets and trash cans and hope for the best!

In other news, there isn’t much. Instead, here are a few links from the past week that I felt were worthy of sharing.


So it has been a couple of months since leaving my job and I think I have kept too busy to notice much. I have been working on my parents place and spending time with family. I have found that I enjoy watching a couple of cooking shows, but that’s about it. Let’s check back in on my feelings in a month or so. Maybe I will have slowed down by then. Maybe not.

So yeah. I went and had a baby seven months ago. Whoops. Where does the time go? He’s a little ham and a half and already has an unhealthy obsession with electronics. This should be fun!

In other big news, I left my job! It was a tough decision but also the easiest one. It hasn’t even been a week, so I can’t say much more than that. Right now it seems like I just took a week off, except there is no possibility of checking my work emails! I’m just going to take it one day at a time and enjoy every minute I am with my little guy.

I of course went in to labor two weeks early and therefore the last of the project had to be done without me. Just thinking about it, I was really separated from it for so long that I suppose I developed a sort of post-partum issue with it. I felt detached from the project when I went back from maternity leave. I didn’t have any issues with the baby, just the project. I don’t know why, but I find that amusing. I probably shouldn’t. Go figure.

You would think that I’m not posting much because I’m pregnant and busy with that. But you’d be wrong. Honestly, work is taking up most of my waking hours. We are about to launch a new version of my employer’s site and well, as part of the project I’ve taken on a couple of full time job roles on top of my normal job.

This has made for far too many 12+ hour days. This week I worked from home but managed to work more, like 14 hour days. Let me give you a bit of scale for this site. It’s one domain with what I can only describe as 56 microsites. If you can call them micro. They’re full scale sites within a site. It’s murder! Thankfully I’m not doing the content (anymore, because at one point, I was), but I am doing the design and structure and loading the content to make sure the design and structure works.

At the rate I’m working, my maternity leave will almost be a vacation. I’m trying to think of it that way. I’ll be spending time with my little man. Speaking of the little man. We did come up with a name. He is no longer going by Kermie. Instead, he shall be William! I’ve been writing off and on at a little site I setup for him. It was just somewhere to write the stuff that’s been going on. Check it out if you’re interested in the baby thing.

Sometimes I forget the things I know. No, really. The other day we were watching a movie and there was an entire scene that was in Italian, with no subtitles. Oddly enough, I remembered the Italian I learned when I was a kid and was able to follow along. It  reminds me the time when my aunt signed something to me because she didn’t want her kids to hear her say it out loud. I actually remembered enough ASL to know what she was signing!

Now, if I start hearing Vietnamese and somehow understand, that’s going to be just plain crazy. I learned that over 25 years ago and only the basics!