Having worked in local government and also in the local media, I know the low level shadiness that goes on inside and between both. I’ve just come to distrust everything that I don’t witness for myself. I don’t even post or repost articles on Facebook unless I’ve verified them from three different sources. And that… Read more Shady

I Read

I was given the nickname of MacGyver about 10 years ago. This was due to my knowledge of seemingly random information. Information that I am able to use to to solve problems. I have been asked many times how is it that I “know all this stuff?” I usually answer, “I read.” The honest answer… Read more I Read


Dear Abby used to appear in the same section as the comics did in the Sunday paper. I would occasionally read the column. I can distinctly remember the column that made me never read it again. It was the column about toilet paper orientation. At nine years old I decided her advice was not worth… Read more Orientation

Boot Weather

Ya’ll, it’s going to be cold tomorrow. /end sarcasm. It’s going to top out around 72°F which is apparently boot weather. I have a mental list of all of those I suspect will be wearing boots and probably some sort of flannel to work tomorrow. I’m expecting to be correct. I have no problem with… Read more Boot Weather


I left the kid with the husband so I could grocery shop in peace. The husband whines too much when I take him and I can’t leave the kid home alone. I arrived home to find the kiddo watching YouTube. Later while we took a family trip to the hardware store, the kid kept asking… Read more YouTube


Even with the nieces and nephews, I still find things I say to my kid that I never thought I would say. Like the invention of the potty wash. That’s where the training potty goes when we hide it from him. He’s perfectly comfortable going on a regular toilet but prefers to go on his… Read more Parenting

That’s Funny

Well, that’s funny. I do this whole internet thing for a living but can’t manage my own home on it. Go figure. Things that have happened. Kiddo has grown. A lot. He started to show a need to be around more kids so in September he started preschool and I went back to work! He’s… Read more That’s Funny

Signs You’re An Adult

Last week I anxiously awaited word that the IRS had received my payment. It hit me then that I was truly an adult. Not owning a home and paying a mortgage. Not having a child. Not voting. But rather, waiting for the federal government to take a crap load of my money. That’s what signified… Read more Signs You’re An Adult